Hi This is Flume (Mixtape), Flume

By Mitchell Rose, Staff Writer SCORE: 9.1 Flume opens his latest release with an acknowledgement of his massive popularity and all that goes into it. “Hi this is Flume, and you’re listening to my new single. Tap the artwork to listen…” is all that can be clearly understood before a multitude of Flumes begin repeating the Spotify-esque advertising mantra. As soon as this business is … Continue reading Hi This is Flume (Mixtape), Flume

Liquid Swords, GZA

By Mitchell Rose, Staff Writer Each week, Sunday School takes a second look at a classic album worth revisiting years after its release. EMMIE staff handpick releases that shaped a genre, defined a generation or deserve recognition despite being left in the distance. Keep up with Sunday School for your weekly dose of dusted-off classics and throwbacks that merit a second spin. Liquid Swords, GZA … Continue reading Liquid Swords, GZA

In the Comfort Of, Sango

By Mitchell Rose, Staff Writer SCORE: 7.8 Over the last half decade, Sango has been a cornerstone of the niche jazzy, electronic R&B genre he and others have crafted. Now, Sango is back with his third full-length album, In the Comfort Of. Throughout the album, Sango exhibits some of the phenomenal production we’ve come to expect from him. When he enlists features, tracks throughout In the … Continue reading In the Comfort Of, Sango

Born 2 Ball, ZO

By Mitchell Rose, Staff Writer SCORE: 2.6 The Ball family is to basketball as the Kardashian family is to the other parts of the entertainment world. The three children are constant topics of drama and controversy, and their parental figure (LaVar) made millions commodifying their children and building an international brand. Now, eldest son and current Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Lonzo is seeking to break into … Continue reading Born 2 Ball, ZO

Prof displays his majesty at Majestic

By Mitchell Rose, Staff Writer Prof is hands down the best performer in rap today. That sounds like a bold claim, but anyone who’s seen him live can confirm it. Never breaking through to radio or commercial success, Prof has sustained his eight-year rap career through outstanding live shows and a strong relationship with his fans. The Minneapolis native performs under the mindset that every … Continue reading Prof displays his majesty at Majestic