Assume Form, James Blake

By Logan Rude, Editor-in-Chief Score: 8.9 As of the time I wrote this review, Wisconsin had fallen into the depths of winter. It snowed three times this week. The cold has filled the air with melancholia. We’re all searching for something to make ourselves happy. Enter James Blake’s fourth album, Assume Form. It’s been a bit under three years since Blake released a full body … Continue reading Assume Form, James Blake

Best of 2018

By EMMIE Staff When crafting our Best of 2018 lists, it was hard to find some commonalities: everyone found different projects to be more entertaining, heart wrenching and/or spiritual than others. For purposes of open debate and open thought, this is the best possible outcome. More importantly though, this is indicative of the year that music presented to us; in short order, too much awesome music came … Continue reading Best of 2018

DJ Pain 1 and a New Idea of Perfection

DJ Pain 1 and a New Idea of Perfection By Logan Rude, Editor-in-Chief This story appears in the Fall 2018 issue of EMMIE Magazine. Perfection isn’t an end goal, it’s a process. Pacal Bayley, known as DJ Pain 1 in the music world, knows that very well. The Madison-bred producer has been making music for more than a decade. In 2008, he landed a smash hit with … Continue reading DJ Pain 1 and a New Idea of Perfection

Room 25, Noname

By Logan Rude, Editor-In-Chief SCORE: 9.2 Room 25, the latest album from Noname, is lullaby rap. No, really! She says so herself! Luckily, lullabies don’t have to be boring. Noname’s lullabies build a world in which you can calmly and peacefully contemplate your thoughts — regardless of intensity — with the care they deserve. Noname has only been seriously releasing music for two years, yet … Continue reading Room 25, Noname

Be the Cowboy, Mitski

By Logan Rude, Editor-in-Chief SCORE: 9.0 Blending the worlds of pop and rock music is nothing new, but doing it well doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should. Mitski’s fifth album, Be the Cowboy, sounds like a pop album on the surface, but below the banging drums and the glistening synths, this album is overflowing with rock-like heartbreak and discomfort. Mitski has always had … Continue reading Be the Cowboy, Mitski