By Daniel Winogradoff, Albums Editor SCORE: 9.2 If there was a clear and consensual pecking order to Chicago’s rap history disguised as a family dinner, this is what I would imagine it’d look like: you’d have outlandish parent Kanye West at the head of the table, serving up a sweet tray of Italian beef sandwiches to his loving family. Then you’d have young Chano, the … Continue reading CARE FOR ME, Saba

Vacation in Hell, Flatbush Zombies

By Logan Rude, Concerts Editor SCORE: 7.3 In the early 2010s, hip-hop’s birthplace saw the rise of a new class of rappers who embraced their New York roots. Among them were A$AP Mob, Pro Era, The Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies. Each collective has found their own way to put a new spin on their New York roots. Flatbush Zombies stand out as not only the … Continue reading Vacation in Hell, Flatbush Zombies

Expectations, Hayley Kiyoko

By Geordon Wollner, Contributing Writer SCORE: 8.0 Breaking ground with her 2015 single “Girls Like Girls,” LA native Hayley Kiyoko has pushed to call out ‘straight songs’ in order to normalize feelings for everyone. Taking note of the cover for her debut album Expectations, the female gaze is finally on the front lines. Kiyoko, also known as “Lesbian Jesus” by her fans, has become a contemporary icon … Continue reading Expectations, Hayley Kiyoko

Gallery: Vundabar bring their bizarre antics to The Frequency

By Christian Zimonick, Features Editor The Frequency witnessed a great trio of performances on April 5. Trophy Dad took the stage to an already sizeable crowd and played a tight, rocking set. Some apparent audio issues were no match for the group’s formidable energy, and by the end of their set the venue seemed energized and desperate for more music. By the time Ratboys took … Continue reading Gallery: Vundabar bring their bizarre antics to The Frequency

808s & Heartbreak, Kanye West

By Samantha Mintz-Agnello, Contributing Writer Each week, Sunday School takes a second look at a classic album worth revisiting years after its release. EMMIE staff handpick releases that shaped a genre, defined a generation or deserve recognition despite being left in the distance. Keep up with Sunday School for your weekly dose of dusted-off classics and throwbacks that merit a second spin. 808s & Heartbreak, … Continue reading 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye West