Gallery: GGOOLLDD Shines at High Noon Saloon

Photos by Geordon Wollner By: Geordon Wollner, Art Director Known for being a little off-the-wall, it was no surprise flamingos* adorned with gold chains joined GGOOLLDD on-stage at the High Noon Saloon on Thursday, December 20. After playing three shows in four nights, the five-piece band returned to Madison with a dreamy display of natural charm and good energy. Though members of GGOOLLDD hold roots … Continue reading Gallery: GGOOLLDD Shines at High Noon Saloon

Best of 2018

By EMMIE Staff When crafting our Best of 2018 lists, it was hard to find some commonalities: everyone found different projects to be more entertaining, heart wrenching and/or spiritual than others. For purposes of open debate and open thought, this is the best possible outcome. More importantly though, this is indicative of the year that music presented to us; in short order, too much awesome music came … Continue reading Best of 2018

Some Rap Songs, Earl Sweatshirt

By Daniel Winogradoff, Albums Editor SCORE: 9.5 For this review, I shall only refer to Earl Sweatshirt, the name most people are probably more familiar with, as Thebe Kgositsile, his birth name. If you need reason why, here’s a snippet from Some Rap Song’s twelfth track, “Veins”: “Earl is not my name, the world is my domain, kid.” The third-to-last track of L.A. cult moniker … Continue reading Some Rap Songs, Earl Sweatshirt

Seven in Heaven with Somme

By Geordon Wollner, Art Director Rising L.A. artist Somme has us under her spell. The young artist, having already played alongside familiar names Flint Eastwood (@flinteastwood), Chelsea Jade (@iamchelseajade), Lauren Ruth Ward (@laurenruthward), and Tillie (@whoistille), and launching her debut song and video on NYLON in June 2017, Somme has set standards high. A noteworthy new artist and storyteller of what it means to love and … Continue reading Seven in Heaven with Somme

DJ Pain 1 and a New Idea of Perfection

DJ Pain 1 and a New Idea of Perfection By Logan Rude, Editor-in-Chief This story appears in the Fall 2018 issue of EMMIE Magazine. Perfection isn’t an end goal, it’s a process. Pacal Bayley, known as DJ Pain 1 in the music world, knows that very well. The Madison-bred producer has been making music for more than a decade. In 2008, he landed a smash hit with … Continue reading DJ Pain 1 and a New Idea of Perfection