By Deeba Abrishamchi, Staff Writer Score: 5.7 In early 2013, the video that we all know today as “The Harlem Shake” went viral. The outlandish phenomenon was started by George Miller, better known by his music moniker, Joji. Five years later, Joji is doing things a little differently: his art involves singing, producing and performing. After his unadorned first project In Tongues – EP, he … Continue reading BALLADS 1, Joji

Mirror Master, Young the Giant

By Brianna Bailey, Contributing Writer SCORE: 7.2 “You’ll be okay/ Everyone I know has got their debt to pay/ Sell your soul to make it/ That’s the modern way.” Lead singer Sameer Gadhia sings this on “Oblivion,” the fifth track off of Young the Giant’s newest album Mirror Master. With this song and eleven others, the indie rock band breaks a two-year silence for their … Continue reading Mirror Master, Young the Giant

Mudboy, Sheck Wes

By Daniel Winogradoff, Albums Editor SCORE: 8.3 In late February, Harlem’s self-proclaimed renaissance man Sheck Wes said in an interview, “I’m a mudboy. I came from the mud, oozed out the concrete. I’m not a rose. I’m a mudboy, I came from nothing.” This mantra, this self-bestowed label is all you need to know about Sheck Wes and his music; everything is raw. Life, in … Continue reading Mudboy, Sheck Wes


By Brandon Phouybanhdyt, Contributing Writer SCORE: 10 Kelela is an artist who picks and curates with a surgical degree of taste and purpose. Every instrumental, word, visual, and collaboration is deliberate. Following her 2013 mixtape Cut for Me and her 2015 EP Hallucinogen, Kelela released her debut album, Take Me Apart, in 2017 which received almost unanimous critical acclaim. Anyone who did not know her before were watching … Continue reading TAKE ME A_PART, THE REMIXES, Kelela

iridescence, BROCKHAMPTON

By Rishabh Kishore, Staff Writer SCORE: 8.3 BROCKHAMPTON did it again. It has been an interesting year for the boy band. After releasing the third and final part of the SATURATION trilogy, BROCKHAMPTON took off on tour and, consequently, promised another album. The boy band is an absolute powerhouse; the group has released four albums in the span of eighteen months with each album showcasing … Continue reading iridescence, BROCKHAMPTON