Remembering David Bowie

By EMMIE Staff Through his long and legendary career, David Bowie’s music and appearance took on many forms. Each new version of Bowie was original, influential and tremendously entertaining. His discography is too large and too full of great work to be adequately summarized here but, today, on the anniversary of his death, EMMIE remembers the life and work of David Bowie by reflecting on … Continue reading Remembering David Bowie

Consumers need to stop supporting abusive artists like XXXTentacion

By Mitchell Rose, Staff Writer XXXTentacion’s meteoric rise to fame has only been matched by his massive crash back down to earth. The 19-year-old rapper burst onto the scene earlier this year with his platinum single “Look at Me!” before his debut album, 17, arrived with equal commercial success. But, last October,  XXX was charged with several insidious crimes including aggravated battery of a pregnant … Continue reading Consumers need to stop supporting abusive artists like XXXTentacion

Everything Now, Arcade Fire

By Christian Zimonick, Staff Writer SCORE: 3.5 On “Creature Comfort,” Arcade Fire’s Win Butler sings that “some boys hate themselves … some girls hate their bodies.” Unfortunately, fans of their legendary debut album, Funeral (2004), are probably going to hate the newest release from Arcade Fire: Everything Now, out via Sonovox and Columbia.  Since their debut, Arcade Fire have been cranking out slightly overproduced records every … Continue reading Everything Now, Arcade Fire