Peanut Butter and Succulents: A Playlist + Interview by Crumb


Even in our darkest of days, Crumb lifts us above all the noise, the bullshit and the uncertainty. Cooly wrapping us in rich silky vocals and melodies in the smoothest of jazz textures, we’re sent. The Brooklyn-based quartet comprised of Lila Ramani on guitar + vocals, Brian Aronow on synth, keys + sax, Jesse Brotter on bass, and Jonathan Gilad on drums illuminates us time and time again, swirling the air around us with the gentle pairing of psychedelic rock and intimate lyrics, captivating us enough to stop in our tracks, close our eyes and breathe.

Just in time for their stop in Madison, Aronow has shared some delightful notes with us. Get a little taste of @some_crumb — not literally, just figuratively — below.

EMMIE: Introductions first. Your name. What you play.

Brian Aronow on keys/synth/sax.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

BA: Music that you listen to by yourself.

What is something a little more off-the-wall that inspires you? (eg. Not relationships, but maybe the way the world feels when you’re on a bus or the colors of sugar packets you get at a diner.)

Listening to Alvino Rey in Times Square.

What are you hoping to experience or explore with your music that you haven’t already? In the next few months? In the next year?

New sounds and new songs. Explore more production ideas and recording spaces.

How do you spend your time on the road?

Trying to fall asleep in the van.

Most memorable meal to date while on tour and why.

Asian American BBQ in Weed, California. Go visit and see for yourself.

Most memorable show to date while on tour and why.

Hard to pick one. Houston this tour was pretty memorable — almost got canceled because of the hurricane. Felt like a big backyard party.

Favorite houseplant?


What is something you’ve loved for a long time?

Peanut butter.

What do you want to talk about?

Shoutout to Shormey & Divino Niño. It’s been a dream to tour with such amazing friends and musicians. Think they both deserve an extra shoutout and if you haven’t listened yet, you should check them out.

A specially curated playlist from Crumb, to you.


Thursday, November 7

7:00pm Doors | 8:00pm Show

$18 ADV | $20 DOS tickets available

@ Majestic

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