STRFKR + Das Kope Bring Transcendent Sounds and Psychedelic Visuals to Majestic


Up-and-coming psychedelic artist Das Kope brought a laid back shimmering set to Majestic Theatre on Sunday, Sept. 15. Paired with visuals he himself created, Das Kope — a true visionary — performed an array of kaleidoscopic synth pop tracks that harken back to the golden age of psychedelic pop-rock. Much like his peer Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, Das Kope records and writes for every instrument utilized in his music. On stage, he plays the guitar alone with a backing track, evoking a moody swagger that is perfectly contrasted by his pop-y instrumentals. Every sound, whether they were programmed drums, swirling synth arpeggios, or fat sub bass tones, were crisply delivered throughout the set. With the talent to become a tour de force in the new wave of psychedelic synth rock, you will hear Das Kope a lot in coming years.

STRFKR, an indie rock band from Portland, Ore., played a truly cosmic set — and rocked my universe. In all seriousness, the space theme was present throughout STRFKR’s entire set, with dancing astronauts and projections of cosmic illustrations backing up their crunchy, synth-infused indie rock.

A noteworthy highlight of the night has to be their performance of their hit “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second.” Although, I am biased, as this particular track was one of my go-to songs in my edgy formative years of high school. STRFKR nailed the performance of this song and brought me right back to those high school days. Tracks like “Kahlil Gibran” and “Golden Light” saw the band embracing lowkey synth pop in a masterful fashion, adding to the experience. The highkey energy was brought to the set as well, with a confident performance of their infectious hit “Open Your Eyes” — and the audience loved it.

STRFKR’s greatest success in their music, and in this set, was their worldbuilding. With trippy visuals, bizarre — but all the more enticing — backup dancers, and a precise pop-y sound, the band has an unparalleled ability to draw the listener into their universe. Maybe the band’s name is inspired by this ability to make one forget about their universe and the star that lights their world. 


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