Lord Huron Deliver an Emotional, Nostalgia-Laden Performance in Minneapolis


It’s safe to say that July 27 at the Surly Brewing Company Field in Minneapolis marks one of the best shows I’ve attended all summer. Bully took the stage first, opening their last show on tour with Lord Huron. Despite the heat beating down on them, Bully delivered an amazing set. Lead singer Alicia Bognanno’s raw vocals pair beautifully with intense, emotional lyrics. “Feel the Same” — my personal favorite — jolted the crowd to attention and demonstrated Bully’s ability to hook an audience with ease.

Lord Huron’s music embraces you like a warm hug from a long-time friend. You can step away from their discography and return years later to appreciate it with just as much love as before. Taking the stage with “Love Like Ghosts” from 2015’s Strange Trails, Lord Huron eased into what would make for a beautiful setlist. The show leaned into 2018’s Vide Noir and still delivered on deeper cuts for the avid fans in attendance.

As sunset approached and more food and beer was consumed, Lord Huron’s more cheerful hits kept the mood light. The tone changed as “Wait by the River” echoed across the field. Lord Huron’s lyrics hold their own against time and seem to have gained influence and emotional impact since their initial release. The immensely relatable lyrics of “Lost in Time and Space” hit particularly hard — for one recent college grad in particular: myself. Lord Huron shared their thoughts on growth and change, reminiscing on their first time playing in Minneapolis at the much smaller (and darker) 7th St Entry.

The three-song encore began with one of their most recognizable songs “Ends of the Earth.” The tune filled the void left by the band after their first exit and was followed by a cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” (which, thankfully, you can stream as part of the band’s Spotify Singles). “The Night We Met” was the ideal ending to the band’s Minneapolis appearance.


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