Summerfest 2019: Day One in Review

Photos + Words by Ashley Evers, Associate Editor

Cameron Boyer of Weathers photographed by Ashley Evers

The first day of Summerfest is always a highly anticipated event for the city of Milwaukee. Crowds of all ages flocked to see their favorite acts — and maybe even discover a new favorite in the process. I spent my afternoon catching up with some friends and enjoying the lakeshore breeze. My evening consisted of two memorable sets from two indie-rock bands: Weathers and WALK THE MOON.

First to take the stage were Weathers, who stirred up the eager crowd at the newly renovated Uline Warehouse stage with their 6:30pm set. A few very dedicated fans rolled up just in time, including a group of girls holding a sign that read: “Weathers, you’re the Yee to my Haw.”

The four piece from Los Angeles knew just how to get the crowd on their feet after a long day of sitting in the sun. Even with a broken foot, lead singer, Cameron Boyer, brought his all. The group’s glitchy broken rock sound with catchy hooks and teenage angst radiated a contagious beat. The group played fresh music, along with their newest single “Problems,” which dropped in May. After seeing them perform, I’m excited to see where the rest of summer and their next album take them.

The other set I was able to catch was WALK THE MOON, who carried their Midwestern sound back to Milwaukee after captivating fans around the world with their smash hit “Shut Up and Dance.” Opening their set with a series of strobes and the instrumental to “Circle of Life” sent the audience into immediate euphoria.

The first three songs of their set arguably gained the most attention from veteran fans who screamed the chorus of “Next In Line” in unison: “Well push me honey to the up and right / we’ve been waiting but we’re next in line.” The group found a balance of new and old, putting out something for everyone.

Lead singer Nick Petricca brought out his signature words of wisdom, telling fans to release the negative energy weighing them down on the humid Wednesday night. Petricca is known for his inspirational monologues on stage, but he also proved to be a star performer as he switched from synth to drums to guitar throughout the set. 

“Aquaman” created a magical atmosphere where fans were able to reflect and enjoy a lighthearted moment as bubbles filled the first few rows. Extreme dancing commenced once again when the four piece broke out into their own rendition of “Burning Down The House” by the Talking Heads. A crowd of smiling faces left the grounds after their wholesome performance. The band was very humbled to play Summerfest (again) and hope to come back in future years. 

Take a look at some of our favorite moments with Weathers and WALK THE MOON below.



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