EMMIE EXCLUSIVE: Hickeys, the Spanish Promise of New Post Punk Premiere Latest Single, “Alegría Di Vision”

voluta para la versión en español

Uncontrollable and inexplicably beautiful, Madrid’s Hickeys are fueling the new age of post punk. The fiery group has come to save us from our boring routines, hitting us deep in our core with heavy drums, gritty masked vocals and enough energy to last a lifetime.

A play on words with the Spanish translation of “Joy Division,” the latest single from Hickeys “Alegría Di Vision” released exclusively via EMMIE is a true statement of intention declaring their new sound.

We see Hickeys leaving behind any hint of Lo-fi or garage sound heard throughout their 2018 EP Diamond Munch and stand alone single “Is Lawrence Dead?” — the very same sound that has led them to be compared to bands like FONTAINES D.C. and Goat Girl. Currently immersed in the composition process of what will be their debut studio album, “Alegría Di Vision” is presented to us as a prelude, reflecting a supernatural current state of mind and shifting us closer to their transformation. Abrupt rhythm changes, wildly distorted guitars, deep basslines and an instrumental dynamic can only transmit one thing: strength.

The band affirms: “With ‘Alegría’ we have darkened. We do not know if it was by groups like FONTAINES D.C. or by the sharpness of the uncertainty and bewilderment of these moments in which we exist. We wanted forcefulness. We wanted the sound to crack this time, to be like lightning, like a vase against the ground. Because sometimes we have felt this way; sometimes we have felt and sometimes we do not feel. We feel it and we do not regret it.”

Watch the full video for “Alegría Di Vision” below.

Film directed by Álvaro Gómez Pidal (@agomezde23).

“Alegría Di Vision” recorded by Hans Krüger (Montreal Studios).

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