LANY Mend Hearts at the Sylvee


Photos by Morgan Winston

By: Geordon Wollner, Art Director 

LANY’s stop at The Sylvee on Friday, May 3 edged the trio closer to the halfway mark of their 7 month-long World Tour which began in Moscow back in February. This trip around the world runs coast to coast in North America, beginning in Miami and rightfully ending in Los Angeles at the end of June before LANY head to Australia in July.

Paul Klein (lead vocals/keyboard/guitar), Jake Goss (drums) and Les Priest (synth/backing vocals/guitar) captivated the world yet again with their sophomore album Malibu Nights, released back in October of 2018. The band has come a long way — and fast — since first forming in 2014 and releasing their debut, self-titled album in June of 2017. Their layered, sentimental approach to synth-pop has been a consistent and signature feature of their sound over the years, with Malibu Nights acting as a conduit for even more transparent and raw emotion.

Emerging out of the darkness of heartbreak came Malibu Nights, an album stricken with yearning in a broken-but-optimistic, it-will-all-be-alright-in-the-end kind of way. Klein’s smooth voice carried through The Sylvee, tugging at every heartstring present. A natural performer, Klein’s cool charisma had every eye locked on him as he jumped and danced across the stage, occasionally turning to the keys or joining the crowd for a few select songs. The stage held a minimal but massive double-pane screen, flashing different scenes (including the ‘Super Far’ music video to accompany the live performance). Vibrant colors added a second level to the already massive stage. ‘Valentine’s Day’ saw an emotional Klein sitting alone at the keys. A black screen emphasized a single spotlight that illuminated him. A soft pink sunset view of the west coast lit up the screen during ‘The Breakup,” and the lyrics to ‘Taking Me Back’ flashed across the background karaoke-style, encouraging the room to sing along. The second level of the stage housed Goss and Priest the entire duration of the performance, as Klein bounded across the floor below.

Regardless of their location on stage, LANY as an entity is truly a force of nature. Their notoriously clear sound and bright and striking visuals juxtaposed against heartbreaking lyrics.  Confident energy swirled and buzzed around the room, infusing every soul present with unbridled tenderness and vulnerability — us included. LANY created a beautiful, expressive experience that we are honored and thankful to have borne witness.


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