Hippo Campus + Samia Shake the Sylvee


Photos by Morgan Winston

By: Morgan Winston, Contributing Writer 

One of the best parts of a Hippo Campus show is its dependability. You can always expect a fun, upbeat night of indie rock. However, even though Friday’s show was already one of EMMIE’s most anticipated concerts of the semester, performances from both Samia and Hippo Campus blew our expectations out of the water.

Samia set the tone for the night. The contrast between her heavy rock numbers and emotional ballads was beautiful. There is a quality in her voice that emits such power. We were captivated throughout the entirety of her all-too-short set and hope she returns to Madison soon.

Our favorite Minnesota boys took the stage shortly after as Samia’s energy buzzed throughout the room. It was amazing to see the adoration in the room. The intimacy between Hippo Campus and their fans was just as strong as it was during their opening set for Benjamin Booker at Majestic Theatre back in September 2015.

What changed in the past three and a half years is the immense growth in talent from the band. Their setlist is calculated and sustains energy throughout. Jake Luppen’s vocal performances are strong and beautiful and the musicality of newest member Decarlo Jackson adds an essential element that makes their live shows a sight to be seen and a sound to be heard. This Bambi era has been one of our favorites, but we cannot wait to see where this young, talented band takes us next.



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