Broods Were A Sight to See at Metro in Chicago


Photos by Morgan Winston

By: Morgan Winston, Contributing Writer

Last week our favorite NZ electronic duo Broods put on one of the best shows we’ve seen in 2019. Siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott took the Metro stage, complete with strobe lighting and Sucker’s intense beat.

Broods heralded a new era with their third album Don’t Feed the Pop Monster, released in February this year. The new material takes a lighter turn from Conscious yet still plays into strengths the band is known for. After seeing the band twice during their Conscious tour cycle in 2016, headlining at First Avenue and opening for Two Door Cinema Club, we were excited to see what this peachy iteration of Broods would look like.

The crowd was completely lost in Georgia’s erratic movements across the stage and by the time the first few songs were over, we were hooked. Suddenly, we were midway through the concert as Broods easily blended one song into the next, marking transitions with lighting and short comments from Georgia. In the years between the Conscious and Don’t Feed the Pop Monster tours, Broods has reached a new level of performance ease. This Chicago show displayed both confidence in their material and their energy as a band. The crowd could sense this, at one point after performing “Bridges” Georgia was forced to push through to “Hospitalized despite continuing cheers. Most importantly the concert was fun. Despite the fact that we were all out at a late show on a Wednesday night, everyone was dancing.

The power that Broods’ music has in a live setting is infectious. Georgia took her time with the lyrics and matched the strength of the electronic music and strobe lighting. She never got lost in the spectacle and provided powerful emotion in the delivery of every song. Caleb got a chance to showcase his vocals during one of our favorite singles, “Too Proud“. After a slower second half, the encore nodded to the Conscious era. When Broods began to sing “Couldn’t Believe“, the energy in the room was renewed. In the bittersweet final moments of the show, we held on to Georgia’s mid-show promise to return soon.


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