Novo Amor Lights Up High Noon Saloon



Photos by Morgan Winston

By: Morgan Winston, Staff Writer

High Noon was treated to two amazing performances this past Thursday. The night started with a subdued set from Gia Margaret out of Chicago. The singer-songwriter, who describes her music as “sleep rock”, immediately had the chatty venue hooked. Her set was simple yet charming, and when Novo Amor joined her onstage for a song we saw a glimpse of what her potential live set could look like in the future. The full band amplified her existing talent and brought her delicate tunes to a new level.

As Novo Amor’s band took the stage for the second time that night, the mood was officially set. Ali Lacey’s falsetto lulled the audience with his first few songs, each blending into the next. Not knowing when to clap was the only downside of this experience. The entire set was an orchestrated dance, with Lacey moving from electric guitar to keyboard and back to acoustic guitar.  Anyone who exclusively listens to Novo Amor via streaming sites needs to see this talented multi-instrumentalist in a live setting.




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