Switchfoot Shakes Up The Sylvee


Photos by Daniel Klugman

By: Daniel Klugman, Staff Writer

On March 10, 2019, I experienced my first Switchfoot show, and as opener Tyson
Mostenbocker told the audience, “Switchfoot shows are distinctly different from all other shows.”

Partnered with the non-profit organization “Food for the Hungry”, Switchfoot had a presentation in between their final opener Colony House and their headlining set where they encouraged the audience to donate five dollars to help alleviate hunger across the globe. Tyson Mostenbocker opened the show with an acoustic folk set in which he created an intimate connection with the crowd while enacting stand-up comedian levels of wit with his cute banter. Colony House followed Mostenbocker with a rambunctious set in which the four young musicians weaved high energy pop-rock with mellow ballads. Then, Switchfoot gave the audience an octane performance one could only expect from a seventeen-year-old band wholly comfortable with their sound.




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