Wrapping up our SXSW daily coverage with an unforgettable set from Broken Social Scene, a laid-back showcase at Swan Dive featuring Jealous of the Birds and Baywaves and a full UK-bred lineup at Latitude 30.

Brooklyn Bowl


Broken Social Scene (Toronto, Canada) @brokensocialscene

One of the most talked-about performances of SXSW was the Maggie Rogers + Ariel Engle duet of ‘Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl.’ After suffering from severe FOMO we made sure to catch the immense group at their last SXSW set. The Historic Scoot Inn was at capacity for Broken Social Scene, with security turning away badge-holders in addition to the general public. There are just too many elements to unpack from this live performance. From the amount of instruments on stage to the fabulous performances from the vocalists and instrumentalists, Broken Social Scene gave it their all to close out their week of shows.

Swan Dive


Jealous of the Birds (Ireland) @jeliofthebirds

We caught this group out of Ireland by happy accident. The front room of Swan Dive was filled with a supportive and comforting crowd that seemed more than familiar with their soft indie rock sound. Decked out in an orange power suit, front woman Naomi Hamilton took over the room with her light, easy to groove to energy.


Baywaves (Madrid) @baywaves

Another one of our favorite groups to come out of Madrid, four-piece Baywaves lifts all the weight of the world off of our shoulders with soft and mellow tunes that make you want to take a drive out to the countryside, roll the windows down and feel the warm summer breeze kiss your skin (moments like these can’t be too far off, can they?). Baywaves, self-proclaimed as hipnopop, create an experience that runs deep. Keep an eye on them.

British Music Embassy @ Latitude 30


Anteros (London) @anterosofficial

After missing this spunky indie pop group all week, we were not disappointed when we finally caught up with them at the final night of music at the British Music Embassy. Singer Laura Hayden captivated, bouncing across the stage in all her glittery glory. One of our favorite moments of the festival had to be her invitation for the women in the venue to join her on stage. This is one performance we’ll be talking about for awhile.


Celeste (London) @celeste

Celeste completely blew us away. Her honey-like voice effortlessly flowed from song to song and her humble energy immediately had us swooning. Honestly, we felt foolish for not knowing who she was before SXSW. For fans of Amy Winehouse, Adele, and other powerhouse British female songstresses, make sure to keep this talent on your radar.


Easy Life (Leicester, UK-ENGLAND) @easylifemusic

SXSW was a week of late night sets, tired feet and near-death experiences with scooters. Easy Life revived us completely. Their charismatic stage presence (paired wonderfully with neon attire) created a space where we could dance freely and revel in the memories of the week. Their intricate musical blend of hip hop, pop, and jazz meets rock was phenomenal and we won’t be surprised if their upcoming releases soundtrack our summer.


The Amazons (Reading, UK-ENGLAND) @theamazons

The Amazons. What a way to end a week of showcases at the British Music Embassy. And no, we’re not talking about the female warriors of Greek mythology, we’re talking about a group of four English rockers from Reading. Led by frontman Matt Thomson, The Amazons delivered their version of good ‘ol British rock-and-roll to the remaining survivors of the night’s showcase. Thomson carried the band through the end of their busy SXSW schedule and flexed his vocal stamina during fan-favorite ‘In My Mind.’ Their last song, ‘Black Magic,’ was performed from the center of the crowd, an appropriate end to a week of music-fostered camaraderie.


Photos by: Morgan Winson, Staff Photographer
By: Geordon Wollner, Art Director & Morgan Winson, Staff Photographer

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