Day Five of SXSW 2019 coverage includes a dreamy encounter with Bane’s World, reuniting with our Fall 2018 cover star, Flint Eastwood, and a trip back in time with Liverpool’s Trudy and the Romance.

Fender Party @ Lustre Pearl


Bane’s World (Long Beach, CA) @banesworld

Cool, calm, and collected in his favorite Carhartt denim jacket, Shane Maurice Blanchard, otherwise known as Bane’s World, eased the Fender Party crowd into a state of peace, despite the chaotic happenings beyond the walls of Lustre Pearl. Bringing a live band to the stage, his atmospheric and hazy bedroom sound was kept in tact, adding to the air a reassuring moment of comfort, safety, and longing.

Shure SXSW Bedroom Sessions @ Antone’s


Flint Eastwood (Detroit, MI) @flinteastwood

We were finally reunited with our Fall 2018 cover star after finishing up her fall/winter US tour and a full run in Australia. Tucked inside Antone’s loft for a Shure SXSW Bedroom Session, the always explosive (and loud) Flint Eastwood did not disappoint. Wildly jumping across the stage and calling out members of the audience to dance, Flint Eastwood brought the heat to Austin, playing off her most recent release This Is A Coping Mechanism For A Broken Heart and other noteworthy favorites, such as ‘Monster,’ from her EP Broke Royalty.



Trudy and the Romance (Liverpool) @trudymylove

Exuding a sweet sound made for lovers to swing across the floor and sip milkshakes to (or a malt, if that’s more to your liking), the outfit from Liverpool take us away from the noise of the 21st century and transport us back into the 1950s. The smooth crooners pull at our tender heartstrings, with frontman Oliver Taylor’s expressive stage presence, their sound of decades past and lyrics written for the contemporary moment. Oh baby, we can’t look away.

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Photos by: Morgan Winson, Staff Photographer
By: Geordon Wollner, Art Director


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