Another full day in Austin. Our SXSW coverage of Thursday, March 14 includes Stuyedeyed, Alice Phoebe Lou, Crumb and more.

Hard Luck Lounge

Photo by Morgan Winston

Stuyedeyed (Brooklyn, NY) @stuyedeyed

By far one of our favorite bands of the week, Stuyedeyed has set the new standard for psych-punk bands everywhere. The four piece outfit from Brooklyn played the backyard of the Hard Luck Lounge in the hot afternoon sun with furious control and character. Displaying an unreal level of technicality (and stamina), from vocals to guitar, this performance from Stuyedeyed was one we won’t forget anytime soon. These boys are going places. Look them up.

Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion at Scoot Inn

Photo by Morgan Winston

Alice Phoebe Lou (Berlin, Germany) @alicephoebelou

Catching the last moments of her set, Alice Phoebe Lou was a ray of light and raw energy at the Scoot Inn. Currently based out of Berlin, this South African singer-songwriter has been making a name for herself, gaining more momentum over the last two years. Her delicate, receptive lyrics paired with an airy, sprite-like character was a refreshing and freeing experience.

Photo by Morgan Winston

Crumb (Brooklyn, NY) @some_crumb

A refined combination of celestial sound, funk, pop, and jazz, Crumb has it figured out. The talk of the town, Crumb has been pulling on heartstrings from day one. With a single note, lead singer Lila Ramani transported us to another place, another time, and we’ll be planning on taking that trip again.

RISING Vinyl Me, Please Showcase at Empire Control Room


Jackie Cohen (Los Angeles, CA) @jackzagg

At first glance, Jackie Cohen struck us as an Zooey-Deschanel-kind-of-new-girl (in the best way, of course). Her quirky character and one-of-a-kind voice was charming and whimsical. It’s obvious the singer-songwriter has been experimenting with her vocal range to develop her sound that’s one hundred percent originalthat’s something we can get behind.


Dreamer Boy (Nashville, TN) @dreamerboyblue

Apparently, a bleached mullet is * the * hairstyle of SXSW 2019. Complete with mullet and micro-bangs, Dreamer Boy danced around the stage to a synth-filled, lo-fi pop sound that felt a little DIY and experimental, but in a sweet, warm-fuzzy way. His youthful charm and kind energy made for an uplifting and bright set, on the otherwise darkened Empire stage.


Ivy Sole (Philadelphia, PA) @ivysole

We were completely taken aback by this artist out of Philly. Her soft, but powerful words take on the likeness of Noname, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and Syd. Ivy Sole had a performance that felt real and rawno strings attached. New to her music, she’s one to keep an eye on.


Melanie Faye (Nashville, TN) @melaniefaye

Another shock to our system, the beautiful, soothing, cool sound of Melanie Faye had us paralyzed. Her smooth, emotional instrumentals paired with gentle vocals were enough to put us under a spell, hypnotized by her quick-handed guitar technique that was nothing short of extraordinary. Already gaining international attention (and fast), Faye’s effortless, hip-hop and R&B infused guitarwork alone is enough to keep her moving forward.


Miya Folick (Los Angeles, CA) @miyafolick

The two words we had written in our notes after this set: Loud. Powerful. LA-based singer-songwriter Miya Folick had the most demanding stage presence out of all the artists to perform that night and brought the energy up from a cool 7 to a hard 10. Switching up the pace of the night, Folick brought an immediate shock of loud, raw emotion that kept us on our toes and left us wanting more. In short, she was electric. 


Ric Wilson (Chicago, IL) @ricwilsonisme

Known for his activist work in Chicago, artist Ric Wilson uses his music as a method of inspiration, activation, and celebration of the Black community. Full of energy, Wilson led the crowd through a number of interactive and engaging tracks that are just as danceable as they are thought provoking. By the end of the night, we were left contemplating our places in the world (while grooving down a soul train).

TEN ATOMS Showcase at Mohawk

Photo by Morgan Winston

Bully (Nashville, TN) @bullythemusic

This year at SXSW it seems that punk rock reigns over all. Despite some early audio issues, Bully made a strong appearance on the Mohawk stage. Lead singer Alicia Bognanno’s lyrics matched the intensity of their overall sound and held their own against pounding drums and punchy guitar.

Photo by Morgan Winston

Japanese Breakfast (Philadelphia, PA) @jbrekkie

Our Fall 2017 cover star floated into the venue on a wave of electronic thrums and yellow fabric. Throughout the course of her set Michelle connected with everyone, bouncing across the stage, all while delivering flawless vocals. From ‘Boyish’ (the music video screened earlier this week as part of the music video competition) to a fantastic cover of ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries, Japanese Breakfast enthralled the audience.


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By: Geordon Wollner, Art Director & Morgan Winson, Staff Photographer

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