Our SXSW coverage continues with sets from a few hometown heroes and newly discovered London-based rockers.

Harry Fox / Rumblefish Party at The Side Bar


Disq (Madison, WI) @newphonewhodisq

It’s always a special moment when we get to support local artists. Our very own Disq, a group that has been on the upswing, gaining national momentum and fast, has found their way to Austin by means of a soft, but danceable, power-pop sound. Always providing a good time, Disq did not disappoint.


Bad Bad Hats (Minneapolis, MN) @badbadhats

Another group we deem a local favorite, Bad Bad Hats from our neighboring state of Minnesota captivated the crowd with witty banter and clever metaphors. An easy listen, this lighter pop-rock band is just what we need. You can catch them for yourself at home, April 5th at High Noon Saloon.

Killing Moon / Reverbnation Showcase at Seven Grand


Honey Lung (London) @honeylungband

This year at SXSW, we’ve opened our minds to exploring off of the beaten path, looking for new artists to recommend and new sounds to discover. Having been unfamiliar with Honey Lung, we arrived at their set free of expectations. In an effort to provide transparency with our experience, the group, while energetic, was a bit lackluster. We appreciated their soundthey had a few solid riffs and were backed by strong drumsbut when it came down to vocality and lyrics, we were lost. Across the board, there seems to be this new wave of post-punk that involves angsty, raspy vocals accompanied with poetic, tell-it-as-it-is lyrics, however, Honey Lung fell short of this mark. In short, their strong sound overpowered what felt like under-realized vocals.


Annabel Allum (London) @annabelallum

Annabel Allum was without a doubt one of our favorite performances of the night. Arriving on stage with a bassist and drummer, all in matching Dickies jumpsuits, Annabel Allum had us locked in from the start (not to mention her blunt, mini bangs and mullet was a sight). Through each song, Allum’s expressions were an outpouring of charisma, spunk and emotion, leaving us eager to hear more from this experimental singer-songwriter.


Husky Loops (London) @huskyloops

Husky Loops is different. A little weird. (But, we’re all weird, right?) The group, just like Honey Lung and Annabel Allum, was another wild card for usand now a new band to watch. Experimenting with a number of genres, primarily rock, pop, and contemporary hip-hop, Husky Loops is a chaotic whirlwind of sound. Technically strong all around, the band kept us on our toes but also left us with some questions. Our curiosity has been peaked for the three gentlemen in black.


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Photos by: Morgan Winson, Staff Photographer
By: Geordon Wollner, Art Director

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