Gallery: Alex Cameron is a Sensation at High Noon


Photos by Daniel Klugman

By: Daniel Klugman, Staff writer

Alex Cameron and Roy Malloy brought their talents to the High Noon Saloon, providing
concert-goers with a set of vibey atmospheric synth rock. Cameron was an enigma that breathed lazy swagger. As he confidently danced across the stage, mic in hand, Malloy patiently awaited his moment to solo on saxophone. A fan favorite, Malloy was greeted with roars during his solos. In one particular sequence, Cameron belted out a chorus in conjunction with the audience before going into a slow dance break behind Malloy as he soulfully riffed on the saxophone. This sequence captured the dynamic abilities of the two, balancing contagiously catchy synth rock with atmospheric slow jams. Lola Kirke charismatically opened the show with a set of alternative folk rock. Kirke created an intimate atmosphere through her relatable songs about the complexities of romantic relationships.




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