Gallery: Stonefield and King Tuff Heat Up High Noon


Photos by Geordon Wollner

By: Geordon Wollner, Art Director

With a lineup featuring Stonefield and King Tuff, there was no way we were going to let a Polar Vortex and a temperature of 20 below keep us from standing front row at High Noon Saloon on Wednesday, January 30.

Stonefield is a four-piece, sisterly outfit from Australia comprised of lead vocalist and drummer Amy (yes, you read that right, Drums and lead vocals), Sarah on keys, Holly on bass and Hannah on lead guitar. They have been on our list of groups to watch ever since discovering them on Instagram. Their dazed expressions, dream-like aesthetic and nostalgic sense of vision could light a fire of curiosity in anyone and had us immediately hypnotized. The band boasts a powerful ‘70s psychedelic rock sound that, for a contemporary group, seems well ahead of its time considering they’re heavily influenced by decades passed — including Stevie Nicks and their parent’s collections from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Their 2018 album, Far From Earth, showcases a talent that is pure, raw and full of grit. Songs “Through The Storm”, “Delusion” and “Far From Earth” hit hard and heavy when performed live, infusing us with a feeling of transcendence that transported us to another planet.

As we traveled through the stars we ran into none other than King Tuff himself. King Tuff (aka Kyle Thomas) brought a groovy, charismatic presence to the stage, matching the tone of his latest album, The Other. Dressed in a suit and cape appliqued with gold stars and moons and a hat covered in gems, he made himself known to us well before the first note was played. Taking on the role of our tour guide through space, King Tuff and the rest of his outfit — Adrien Young on bass, Nicole Lawrence on guitar, and Zoë Brecher on drums — played through the album with admirable technical skill and high energy. Young and Lawrence kept in-sync with each other, adding a little bit of close contact and choreo into the set while a wild and expressive Brecher kept things moving in the back. Our favorites off The Other included “Ultraviolet”, “Psycho Star” and “No Man’s Land”, all of which offered us a refreshing mix of funk and rock and validated our reasoning to leave the house that evening.

The night also began with a loud, furious performance by local punk outfit Fire Heads. With all eyes on them, the group ran around the stage, jumping over each other and headbanging enough to give whiplash to anyone watching.



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