Gallery: King Princess Takes First Ave by Storm



Photos by Morgan Winston

By: Morgan Winston, Staff Writer

King Princess stormed Minneapolis last Thursday to kick off her sold-out Pussy Is God tour. The young artist (aka Mikaela Straus) has already garnered an immense following with only one EP and a few singles under her belt.

The night was marked with inclusivity and infectious pop music. Australian artist Banoffee warmed up the crowd before a short performance from Minnesota queen Nocturna Lee Mission. When it was finally time for King Princess to take the stage, Mikaela dominated the crowd with ease and confidence uncharacteristic of most 20-year-olds. Her youth isn’t a hindrance to her natural talent at all; it only makes her lyrics relatable and her impact resounding.

The all-ages show was packed with young LGBTQ+ attendees. The enormous impression King Princess has on her fans, with many of her songs addressing queer love and relationships, was evident in the room. At one point in her set, Mikaela asked the crowd “where are my gays? How are we feeling?” which was followed by a deafening roar.

The importance and power in her music aren’t just centered on its queer visibility, but also on Mikaela’s overwhelming talent. The melodies are refreshing and the laidback surf-rock guitar tone just works. When it comes to vocals, King Princess is hypnotizing. When she pushes past her sweeter tone for a stronger verse, like in fan-favorite “Talia,” she showcases an emotion that instantly captivates.

2019 is the year of King Princess.


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