Seven in Heaven with Somme

By Geordon Wollner, Art Director

Photo by Bia Jurema

Rising L.A. artist Somme has us under her spell. The young artist, having already played alongside familiar names Flint Eastwood (@flinteastwood), Chelsea Jade (@iamchelseajade), Lauren Ruth Ward (@laurenruthward), and Tillie (@whoistille), and launching her debut song and video on NYLON in June 2017, Somme has set standards high. A noteworthy new artist and storyteller of what it means to love and be loved, Somme is a breath of fresh air for anyone willing to listen, holding a firm place within contemporary queer culture and the LGBTQ+ community. Distance kept us from having seven minutes with Somme, so seven questions will have to suffice.

01.Tell us about a notable memory, relating to anything. / Something that continues to shape the way you think today?

Unfortunately, the first notable memory that comes to mind is the day Tr*mp was elected. I remember that day so vividly. It reminds me to never assume something is a sure thing….even when it seems so sure.

02.What are your creative mediums of choice? / What’s your process of creation like?

I think about music all of the time. Melodies and lyrics are constantly entering and leaving my mind, whether I want them to be or not. There are definitely things and times of day that trigger it more. When I see a film I really love or when I go on a walk at dusk and the sky is pink it will inspire a melody, or lyrics, or a concept for a song and I’ll write it down or record it into my phone really quick and then build songs off of that.

03.What is something you are yearning to experience or learn?

I’m dying to play shows outside of the US and experience how the crowds differ around the world.

04.At what moments do you feel the most passionate, feel the most you?

I have quite a few friends who work creatively as well and it’s really exciting and inspiring to be able to create with them. Even just showing each other what we’re working on at the moment and giving each other notes and words of encouragement can be really helpful with finishing a project and maintaining the passion.

05.How do you cope with a broken heart?

I used to just push all my feelings aside and hope they went away but I quickly learned that that doesn’t work. Those feelings kind of just get buried and bubble up months later. So now I try not to ignore the sadness or anger or whatever negative things I’m feeling but address them and understand them deeper and accept them. Writing about it helps with that a lot.

06.Do you have any rituals?

I find journaling super important for my sanity and creative process, especially in the morning. I have a much clearer mind on days when I’m able to take the time before I leave the house to jot down what [has] been on my mind and things I’m observing around me. It allows me to think about those things in a less obsessive and more productive way throughout the day.

07.Tell us a secret.

If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret.

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