Gallery: Hippo Campus rocks the Palace Theatre

Photos by Morgan Winston

By: Morgan Winston, Staff Writer

Minnesota’s beloved breakout stars Hippo Campus returned to the state for a pair of sold-out performances at the Palace Theatre this Thanksgiving.

Following the wildly successful sophomore effort Bambi and an intense 2018 touring schedule, these two shows marked a significant moment in their relationship with Minnesota. The importance of their return was evident by the nature of their timing, as they played over the holiday to cater to those on break from school and work. This is the second time the group has played a show in their hometown over Thanksgiving, following their benefit show for Second Harvest which sold out the Fine Line last year.

At this point in their career, Hippo Campus is seasoned. They are extremely creative and smart when it comes to their presence, stage design and setlist. On Friday, their setlist increased intensity with each song playing off of the energy from the previous. They seamlessly mixed in older hits like ‘Suicide Saturday’ and songs off of their debut Landmark with new material.

When ‘South’ started, the mood shifted. It’s the third song the band ever wrote together and has been a longtime fan favorite. Nathan took the time to dedicate it to the fans that have been with them since the beginning. During the bridge, the entire venue sang out with him as the music cut completely. The moment was emotional and impactful. The support and love from Hippo Campus’s hometown fans were felt throughout the room.


Photos by: Morgan Winston

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