Gallery: Car Seat Headrest Is A Genuine Lo-Fi Pop Band

By Matt Weinberger, Photo Editor

Car Seat Headrest
Photo by Matt Weinberger

What do drunk drivers and killer whales have in common? Teens Of Denial of course. The Majestic Theatre was packed with sweaty, excited fans of the nearly-iconic but not-quite-legendary Seattle-based lo-fi pop sensation that is Car Seat Headrest. The show opened with a powerful set played by the indie rock trio Naked Giants, who then joined Car Seat Headrest to jam out to tunes from their new 2018 album, Twin Fantasy, as well as play bangers from their repertoire of albums. Between intricate riffs and headstrong beats, concertgoers were treated to some very cool vocals sung by Will Toledo, the frontman of the band. The atmosphere at the concert was a cocktail mish-mosh of passionate moments of near trancelike admiration and a 1970s disco rave filled with eager adolescents and young men past their prime, wrongly looking for a greater meaning in life through drugs, dance, and partying.


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