Gallery: Vundabar bring their bizarre antics to The Frequency

By Christian Zimonick, Features Editor

Photo by Olivia Westerbeck

The Frequency witnessed a great trio of performances on April 5. Trophy Dad took the stage to an already sizeable crowd and played a tight, rocking set. Some apparent audio issues were no match for the group’s formidable energy, and by the end of their set the venue seemed energized and desperate for more music.

By the time Ratboys took the stage the narrow chamber of the Frequency was completely stuffed with concertgoers. From a vantage point near the merchandise table (the closest I could get given the density on the floor) I watched Ratboys deliver another great set. Their energy matched Trophy Dad’s and kept the general vivacious, jammy, sweaty vibe of the night at its near-boiling point. Their last song stretched into an extended jam which drew considerable ovation from the crowd at its conclusion.

After much ado, the night’s main attraction took the stage. The trio of charismatic souls which form Vundabar were front and center as the temperature in The Frequency climbed, somehow, even higher. It was seriously hot. So, packed like sardines and being baked like salmon, the crowd watched as Vundabar launched into their set.

Tremendously loud, harder than one might expect and played with great precision, Vundabar’s performance was the best of the night. The antics of all three members were as entertaining as the music. When the desired vocal effects weren’t being delivered, singer Brandon Hagen and bassist Zack Abramo launched into an absurd chorus of noises: “Make it sound like this: BAH bah ​bah​,” “No make it sound like this: bo-bo-bo-bo.” At one point drummer Drew McDonald played a water bottle, and at another, he drummed on the neck of Abramo’s bass.

The night grew to a bizarrely feverish pitch at its conclusion. At the beginning of the band’s last song a small mosh broke out among concertgoers near the stage, apparently seizing their last chance for a little chaos. Hilariously, the music stopped just as the mosh began due to technical problems, and everyone stood around awkwardly for a few moments before launching right back into it.

Hagen mounted a stair rail at the conclusion of his last song to great ovation, and the band left with no encore. Overall, the three bands delivered an extremely energetic and fun night to those who braved the absurd temperature at The Frequency.






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