In the Comfort Of, Sango

By Mitchell Rose, Staff Writer


SCORE: 7.8

Over the last half decade, Sango has been a cornerstone of the niche jazzy, electronic R&B genre he and others have crafted. Now, Sango is back with his third full-length album, In the Comfort Of. Throughout the album, Sango exhibits some of the phenomenal production we’ve come to expect from him. When he enlists features, tracks throughout In the Comfort Of are vibrant and well-executed. However, the production tends to fall flat on the solo tracks.

The two major highlights on the album come when perennial collaborators Smino and Xavier Omär provide vocals on “Khlorine” and “Sweet Holy Honey,” respectively. They float over the bouncy instrumentals with ease and create truly memorable and smooth tracks. Omär’s ambient crooning meshes perfectly with Sango’s sharp production, and Smino raps are as tight as the snares all over his track.

The fresher faces featured on In the Comfort Of give some very strong performances as well. Particularly, Dave B and Romaro Fransesco shine on “Mateo 2.19”. Sango gave the two rappers a spacey beat, one that is ideal for skilled rappers to turn into their playground. B and Fransesco deliver some of the most clever and catchiest bars on the project. Additionally, Jesse Boykins III’s soulful singing in “Twogether” is a treat and a much-needed addition to the album.

Nevertheless, Sango’s featureless tracks often end up lackluster and in desperate need of something more. Two of these tracks, “His Name” and “Life Without God is Nothing,” unfortunately start out the album. Instead of utilizing interesting chord progressions and percussion like he does on his successful songs, Sango over-relies on chipmunk-soul style samples. The samples have potential to be good, but without much else to be excited about, the samples fall short.

Luckily, these opening tracks are not representative of the album as a whole. Throughout the album, Sango truly shines as a producer and the featured artists exponentially improved the album. While In the Comfort Of is a great effort and most of it is phenomenal, the weak tracks really detract from the overall piece. Be on the lookout for Sango to clean up these errors and drop a classic sometime in the near future.

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