J.I.D, Earthgang leave High Noon Saloon audience energetic and wild

By Rishabh Kishore, Staff Writer

Earthgang & JID
Photo by Rishabh Kishore

On Tuesday, High Noon Saloon hosted one of most talented and Atlanta’s up-and-coming rappers J.I.D as part of his Never Been Shit tour. J.I.D performed alongside fellow Atlanta rappers Earthgang. The set also showcased three other up-and-comers, Lucien Parker, Lute, and Chaz French. 

The first to go on stage, at exactly 8 p.m., was Lucien Parker. Lucien Parker is a former UW-Madison student who has decided to pursue his art full-time. Parker performed his own songs with the crowd enjoying one of their own on stage. He performed some of his more popular tunes, “Private Show” and “007,” while ending the set with a debut of his new single “Round Me.” 

Next was Charlotte, NC native Lute, who, like J.I.D and Earthgang, is also signed to J.Cole’s record label, Dreamville. Lute played a small set and was followed by Washington DC rapper Chaz French. Chaz French lifted the energy of the crowd by performing songs with sing-alongs, crowd-surfing and stepping off stage to perform within the crowd. 

Earthgang walked on to stage soon after to J.Cole’s “Jermaine’s Interlude.” They were the first well-known name among the crowd, and the duo made a stronger name for themselves after their performance. Their energy was unparalleled; if Chaz French got the crowd hyped, Earthgang left the crowd wild and covered in sweat. The duo just dropped a project Royalty, but also played some songs from their earlier projects, including Robots

Later on, the group invited nine fans to the stage and gave each one of them the spotlight to dance with the crowd cheering them on. The very next song, both the rappers walked off stage and into the crowd. They both spit their verses within the crowd. Johnny Venus, one half of Earthgang, even rapped his verse on top of the bar. Several of their songs seemed different from the studio versions. The duo seemed to have changed the production of their songs, but their delivery (and flow) remained the same. Earthgang’s new tape Royalty is brilliant, but, unfortunately, the only performance from the EP was half of their song “Build.” 

Earthgang opened up the crowd and set up the stage for the headliner, J.I.D. His most recent album, The Never Story, is an incredible project that showcases the rapper to have a unique voice and flow. If J.I.D sounds good on your earphones, you’d be surprised to hear how great he sounds live. The rapper opened his set with “LAUDER” immediately sending the crowd into a frenzy. J.I.D proceeded to perform all but one song (“8701” featuring 6lack) from his album with each song resonating with the audience. Often J.I.D went a cappella and even sang for the audience in his songs “All Bad,” “Somebody” and “Hereditary.” Hard-hitting songs like “Underwear” and “EdEddnEddy” were other major hits with the audience. 

Towards the end of the set, Earthgang joined their fellow Atlanta rapper on-stage to perform their collaborative hits “Meditate”  and “D/vision.” Their collaboration from The Never Story in particular is a terrific representation of both J.I.D’s and Earthgang’s talents; all three rappers use their verses to showcase their lyrical and storytelling talent with the song sounding as good live as the studio version. 

J.I.D’s penultimate song “NEVER” — and perhaps his most popular — had the fans going crazy. The whole crowd danced and jumped around to “NEVER” with most of the fans singing along with J.I.D (and his crew that all came up on stage). The rapper finished his set with “Hasta Luego” and fans would not stop chanting his name after his performance ended. 

As if the concert was not amazing enough, Earthgang and J.I.D stayed back on stage to sign autographs for fans while also taking pictures and talking to them. J.I.D, with his Never-Been-Shit tour crew put on a fantastic performance for Madison. The young Atlanta rapper, with the help of  J.Cole’s Dreamville record label, has tremendous potential. He’s on the brink of breaking into the mainstream rap scene.

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