Gallery: PVRIS bring good spirits to The Rave

By Geordon Wollner, Contributing Writer

Photo by Geordon Wollner

There was no better place for Pvris (pronounced “Paris”) than beneath The Rave / Eagles Club in Milwaukee, on Tuesday, February 27th.

All went dark in the already dimly-lit basement. Immediately the entire audience was transfixed and left to their own devices as the angelic, haunting voice of vocalist Lynn Gunn entered the airwaves. Along with guitarist Alex Babinski and bassist Brian MacDonald, Gunn held fast the crowd’s attention and energy as the trio softly played the underground Eagles Hall, a manner different than their usual spirited performance. Though this change in demeanor was a little out of character maybe it was just in response to Gunn being on voice-rest pre-show it made for a more peaceful, intimate gathering on a calm Tuesday night.

Keeping with the lucid dream-like state of the room, Gunn effortlessly floated from center-stage vocals to keys, back to a second set of drums and would occasionally strap on a guitar throughout the performance, while Babinski and MacDonald danced along the edges, also chiming in on keys. A sense of careful and purposeful artistry manifested from each member the group, on and off the stage, as they sincerely played through the set. Breaks to “stall,” reference the volcano fail YouTube video, and a wild dance by MacDonald at the back of the stage kept the room in good spirits.

Now on their second North American tour for their sophomore album, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell the first tour occurring this past fall the powerful rock band from Lowell, Mass. has already begun to make a name for themselves on a global scale, having already traveled through Canada, across Europe and Japan.

Preceding PVRIS on stage was Toronto-based, indie-pop group Cherry Pools, complete with a branded neon sign, pastel-colored instruments, blue hair and plenty of flirtatious, boyish charm. While the boys are about to wrap their time with PVRIS, one of the members mentioned after-set that we can expect to see more of them this summer. Where? We’re not quite sure yet.

Flint Eastwood, hailing from Detroit, Mich., had the full attention of the crowd the moment she stepped out. With her braided pigtails and Carhartt overalls, quick dance moves, tell-it-like-it-is attitude and interactive dialogue, there was no ignoring the authority present on stage. The group, fronted on vocals by powerhouse Jax Anderson, toured with Pvris in the fall and will be bringing the moves to Madison, supporting the Misterwives at the Majestic on April 28.

The upbeat air created by Cherry Pools and Flint Eastwood was shifted into one of contemplation and reflection. A back-lit stage had the audience singing along with silhouettes and shadows, in an up close and personal evening with PVRIS.




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