Hinds, Sløtface connect with crowd for FRZN Fest finale

By Tony Holmes, Contributing Writer

Photo by Tony Holmes

The crowd warmed up as FRZN Fest came to a close at High Noon Saloon on Saturday. Stef Chura started things off. During their set they included an emotional cover of The Cranberries’ “Ode to my Family.” Snail Mail’s Lindsay Jordan made the crowd revert to their teenage roots and bring out their inner angst. The emotional sprawl of “Thinning” captured the desperate itch to finally get out and move on to what’s next — to try to change into the person we think we can be. Even though Snail Mail’s songs had similar themes of melancholia, the guitar melodies made my feelings feel flat. The voice is what made the show so unique; Jordan’s singing has a weariness to it that contradicts her age — capable of powerful wails that would cover the room with silence. Her voice is filled with a battered expressiveness. At the end of Snail Mail’s set, she made us question if we’ve become who we want to be or if there is still work to be done.

Indie-punk quartet Sløtface — based out of Stavanger, Norway — continued the country’s legacy of alternative excellence, combining dirty grunge with slick, modern pop-punk and irresistible storytelling for tunes so infectious they’ll lodge themselves in your head for days. Sløtface brought out the inner punk in the crowd. As Norwegian punk stars, they couldn’t play their songs unless the crowd moshed. The crowd couldn’t resist Sløtface’s energy, and madness started soon after. Front woman Haley Shea shared her enthusiasm with the crowd and brought out her inner Blondie. Ending with a head-banger track about working at a record store, they sure convinced the audience to add them to their playlists.

Madison’s final FRZN headliner was the Spanish rockers Hinds. They turned their Madison headlining debut into a lo-fi house party. Their opening track“Garden” gave quite the introduction, including choreography that got people moving on their feet. The group’s high pitched voices combined with their Spanish accents put a smile on all the faces in the room. The moment they walked on the stage, I immediately had heart eyes. I was crushing hard on all of these girls. They definitely know a thing about stage presence; I could see the passion and joy in the eyes of the lead singer, Carlotta Cosials, as she screamed into the microphone and rocked out throughout the night. Hinds loved to interact with the audience, going back and forth with jokes, making for a more personal connection with the audience. To end the show, they played their lo-fi garage rock song “San Diego” which got people twisting and turning. As FRZN Fest came to a close, Hinds ended their fabulous set with a proper bow.

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