By Christiana Fowlkes, Staff Writer


SCORE: 8.5

Warning: article contains serious fangirling.

BROCKHAMPTON released the third and final album of their SATURATION series, SATURATION III, just ten days before Christmas. The release of the album came as an early present to the rap collective’s fans. Although falsely advertised as “The Last Studio Album by BROCKHAMPTON,” the rap group still performed as if they needed to secure their solo careers.

The start of the first track, “BOOGIE,” was an immediate indication that this album was going to be praise-worthy. Groovy horns and sirens line the track, as the overall sound is infectious and dance-inducing. “BOOGIE” acts as a “we’re back bitches… and we’re better than ever” anthem.

Due to the fact that the rap group has released three studio albums in the span of half a year, it could be assumed that their sound would eventually become repetitive and boring to their audience. After all, the definition of “saturation” is to “overexpose something beyond a point that is desirable.” Nonetheless, the group makes that impossible. The beauty of BROCKHAMPTON is that they innovate their sound each time and keep their music unpredictable. In this album particularly, there are unique elements of many music genres like dream pop, electronic and trap that are incorporated. Although, on paper, these elements may sound like an unorthodox concoction, they work seamlessly. And that’s what BROCKHAMPTON does; they break and bend the rules on what can and cannot be done.

The group continued to impress with their dynamic and, sometimes, outlandish rhymes to provide commentary on subjects about mental illness, racism, addiction, and sexuality. In the past albums, it could sometimes seem like it was the Kevin Abstract/Ameer Vann show with features from their friends. Fortunately, this time ‘round, each member had their time to shine and lyrically impress. Joba on “JOHNNY,” Vann on “ALASKA,” Dom McLennon on “NATION” and “STAINS,” Matt Champion on “SISTER” and “ALASKA,” Merlyn Wood on “ZIPPER” and Abstract on “STUPID.” Lyrically, Abstract and Vann weren’t as much of the lyrical hard-hitters as they have been on the previous two SATURATION albums, (refer to “TEETH” and “JUNKY” from SATURATION II), but they still sufficed.

After three albums, the beloved SATURATION series finally comes to a close. During the process, BROCKHAMPTON successfully saturated (see what I did there?) the year of 2017 with their distinct sound. In doing so, they gave the title “boyband” a whole new meaning.



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