I Am Not a Human Being, Lil Wayne

By Amanda Rovitz, Staff Writer

Each week, Sunday School takes a second look at a classic album worth revisiting years after its release. EMMIE staff handpick releases that shaped a genre, defined a generation or deserve recognition despite being left in the distance. Keep up with Sunday School for your weekly dose of dusted-off classics and throwbacks that merit a second spin.


I Am Not a Human Being, Lil Wayne

Release Date: September 27, 2010

Good For: Hanging with friends

Standout Tracks: “With You,” “Right Above It”

I grew up listening to hip-hop, so inevitably Lil Wayne was a voice which I was familiar with. His flow helped me realize why I loved the rap genre as much as I do. In 2010, Weezy released one of his best pieces of work in my opinion, I Am Not a Human Being. This album was released while Wayne was still serving time in Rikers. His ability to deliver to his fans from behind bars fostered my respect for him as an artist. Undeniably, Lil Wayne’s current career doesn’t match up to where it once was; that is why I chose to review one of my favorite albums during his prime.

The album opens with Drake, and still manages to have that high spirited nature that Wayne delivers — despite being written just months before he was sent to prison. His raunchy lyrics definitely caught the attention of listeners. Additionally, “With You” is one of my favorites on the album that demonstrates the soft side that he is capable of. One of the reasons I admire Wayne is because of his versatility. He is capable of rapping alongside rock, soft and heavy rap tones.

The album holds one of my favorite songs of all time, “Right Above It.” This fast paced party anthem instantly radiates happiness within a room. Drake’s seemingly effortless rhymes are complemented by Wayne’s catchy hook. I could listen to that song on repeat all day, and I’m sure I have.

Overall, I’ve always admired Lil Wayne as an artist and I’m excited to see his new project that he has been working on coming in December. His artistry is a force to be reckoned with, ultimately earning him the title as one of the “greatest rappers of all time.”

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