The Dirty Heads bring fun of the Sun to the Orpheum

By Bailey Owens, Staff Writer

The Dirty Heads
Photo by Mitchell Rose

As the weather changes from lukewarm to freezing, we yearn for warm days on the beach with no worries. The Dirty Heads brought the fun of the Sun and washed over us like waves against the sand during their Nov. 18 show at The Orpheum.

Before their big moment, The Dirty Heads were introduced by The Unlikely Candidates, an alt-punk band from Fort Worth, Texas. They came out in leather jackets and white shirts with long bouncing hair and an energy to rival the Energizer Bunny. Frontman Kyle Morris belted his voice out as it competed against the sound of loudly beating drums and the cries of an electric guitar. Morris moved around the stage supporting himself with one leg while the other rested on a metal prop leg, resembling a pirate. His movements were fish-like as he flung himself across the stage, banging his head so violently his hair ignored gravity and swung in a circle around his head. The crowd must have appreciated his energy as a mass of bobbing hands reached for the sky.

The time following The Unlikely Candidates’ set was the equivalent of how it feels to be in an elevator ride surrounded by strangers. The crowd quietly conversed among themselves for what felt like an unnecessarily long period of time. When The Dirty Heads finally came out, everyone was ready.

Each member of the band bounced on stage, one at a time, until they had fully assembled. Barely three songs in and The Dirty Heads began playing crowd favorites like “My Sweet Summer” and “Vacation.” Having sufficiently hyped the crowd back up, they continued playing more upbeat songs; a spotlight occasionally engulfed whoever was the one singing or playing a solo. The lights that accompanied the music fit perfectly, giving the crowd something to amuse them, but not so blinding that they had to squint to see the performance.

During the end of the concert, a more serious vibe had taken over when the band played “Sloth’s Revenge.” They slowed down the original tempo of the song, making for a very touching moment. After many cries for an encore, The Dirty Heads returned to the stage to perform two more songs. Finishing the performance they thanked the audience profusely and threw drumsticks and a tshirt into the crowd. One member of the band even leaned forward and high-fived many of the audience members. Overall it was a fun and upbeat experience — definitely a great way to spend a cold night.

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