Noname Live at Majestic Theatre, Nov. 20

By Logan Rude, Concerts Editor

Photo Credit: Bryan Lamb

Chicago-based rapper Noname hasn’t released a project since the summer of 2016. Her mixtape Telefone was one of the year’s most highly praised debut projects. Despite the fact that she’s got a limited catalogue to tour on, she’s been going at it practically nonstop since the project dropped. Within the past year alone, I’ve seen her perform three times — more than I’ve seen any other musician. On Nov. 20, she’s returning to Madison to rock the Majestic Theatre.

Riding a similar wave as other Chicagoans like Chance the Rapper and Saba, Noname is known for her jazzy blend of singing and rapping. It’s a combination that she excels at. Her music is fast-paced yet incredibly soothing. With a wide variety of topics scattered throughout her playful lyrics, her shows become a creature of their own — taking into consideration the fans’ favorite tracks from her collection of tracks and featured verses.

Noname’s shows are gushing with optimism; she does everything in her power to keep the audience engaged and attentive.

Before Noname takes the stage, indie singer Arima Ederra is set to prime the crowd for the night. Her music is of a similar nature to Noname’s: illed with tranquil vocals and entrancing instrumentals. Fuzing some of the jazz influence Noname is known for as well as frantic synth production, Ederra’s music is sure to work complementary to the headliner’s performance style.

In the grand scheme of things, Noname is still relatively unknown. Despite her ties to mainstream successes from Chicago, she is still very much an up-and-comer. The Majestic’s interior provides the perfect setting for new and old fans to get a better understanding of the young rapper.

While the show is on a Monday night, it’s going to be a full house (as of Sunday afternoon, the show was almost sold out). Noname has a stage presence that seems effortless; she controls your gaze like few performers can. A quick distraction from overwhelmingly busy schedules  before Thanksgiving break, Noname is visiting campus at the perfect time, and I’m thankful for and anticipating all the energy she has to bring.

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