Gallery: Early Eyes surprise The Frequency with vivacious performance

By Matt Weinberger, Staff Writer

Early Eyes
Photo by Morgan Winston

Foxy. Funky. An all around good time. Seeing Early Eyes late at night at The Frequency was quite a pleasure. Early Eyes is a great example of an indie-rock band that actually plays indie rock really well. With Joe Villano and John O’Brien on guitar, Wyatt Fuller on drums, Desmond (Des) Lawrence on bass, and Jake Berglove on guitar/vocals, the band had a very successful chemistry and stage presence. They clearly enjoyed themselves on stage; their enthusiasm and playful attitudes rubbed off on the audience. They played great tunes, riffing off of each other with well-timed, creative sounds and melodies.  

Some of my favorite songs they played were “Waste of Time” and “All It Will Be.” Both songs have engaging lyrics; combined with a great vocal performance by Berglove, they sounded just as impressive live as they do on their studio recordings. “Waste of Time” had some really nice guitar moments and “All It Will Be” shined as an example of a song that does really well at switching up the pace to create a really engaging musical piece.

Des Lawrence had some striking moments with energetic solos that had the whole audience bopping around as he vivaciously danced around and slapped the bass. As Fuller played the drums, he was a bit overshadowed by all the dancing and energy from his four band mates in front of him, but if given proper attention, one would notice his extremely suave vibes and charming aura as he set the foundation of each song with his steady beats.

Overall, Early Eyes was a great band to see live. If you like their studio recordings, you will love their live performances. They do everything a good band should do, and more. Early Eyes, it was a pleasure.


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