Gallery: Amos Lee graces audience with intimate acoustics

By Cameron Smith, Staff Writer

Amos Lee

If John Mayer and Leon Bridges could magically make a musical baby, they would give birth to Amos Lee. With a voice that sounds like a waterfall looks — smooth and strong with a seamless flow — Lee graced the audience of the Orpheum with an intimate, acoustic evening on October 19. He etched together a set list with his most loyal fans in mind: intermingling his greatest, swoon-worthy hits with his own favorites, and taking requests from the audience. He talked the concert-goers through the stories behind his lyrics — stories of friendships, loves he lost, and found — then proceeded to the audience to those moments, singing his songs as if those rawand emotional times had just happened and he was laying down a first-take. Because of this, the show felt like a trip through Lee’s life, poetically told through complimentary falsetto and guitar, but was ultimately a gift to fans who have followed him along the way.

Scroll down to see photos from the guitar-filled night.



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