Milky Chance’s Blossom Tour flowers in Milwaukee

By Ian Fox, Staff Writer

Milky Chance
Photo by Ian Fox

Milky Chance’s stop at The Rave on their Blossom Tour legitimized them as a band at the forefront of indie rock. They were clearly promoting new material in their set, as most of Blossom — their newest album — was played during the show. That being said, the band also performed the songs fans expected to hear like “Down by the River,” “Stolen Dance” and “Sadnecessarry.”

Musically Milky Chance sounded similar to their recorded albums. The set was one of the best parts of the show, the band stopped a few times to address the crowd, but not for much else. The band also showed their musicianship by trading fours in jam sections. Their instrumentation consisted of two vocalists, two guitars, drums and a full auxiliary percussion section complete with cymbals, hand drums, shakers and other instruments. The aux percussion was entertaining; it enriched the sound even more than on their albums. The harmonica solos were by far the most fun to watch. “Peripeteia” and “Cold Blue Rain” featured the instrument most. I expected the harmonica to make an appearance, but the energy, solos and showmanship upped the impressiveness of the small instrument.

Following their initial set, their encore featured an acoustic cover of a song by The Tallest Man on Earth, “Stolen Dance” and others. Lastly, the lights were simplistic but appropriate. Two large octagon shaped setups played effects such as turning blue and dripping like rain during “Cold Blue Rain,” and rotating around the octagon in a clock like fashion in time with the bass drum during “Peripeteia.” My only gripe with the concert is that Clemens Rehbein’s vocal timbre sounded harsher in person than when recorded. However after a few songs my ears adjusted and the good parts of the show took over.

Milky Chance were efficient with their time, fun to listen to and gave the audience exactly what they paid for: a chill dance party. The experience, music, lights and show were all good; there was nothing unforgettable about the concert. If you have friends to go out and dance to their music with then absolutely go! If you don’t, then maybe pass. I would go again, and believe their records do them enough justice to show why they are a premier group of indie rock.

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