Super Slimey, Future / Young Thug

By Daniel Winogradoff, Albums Editor


SCORE: 7.0

Future and Young Thug are the two undoubted kings of Atlanta’s current hip hop scene and sitting in diamond-crusted chariots high above the plebeians of hip hop. Last night, the two dropped a wildly unexpected collab tape titled Super Slimey. Not many artists possess the ability to quick drop projects and receive impeccable praise the next day, but these two are an exception.

It is certainly surprising that both men would decide to collab on a project in a year where both artists already dropped two separate projects. Thugger dropped the impressive and “country-inspired” Beautiful Thugger Girls and a Carnage-produced EP in Young Martha. Future leveled up with back-to-back projects in FUTURE and the R&B adventure HNDRXX.

Unfortunately, this project is merely a call to routine. It is exactly what one would expect of the two: yammering high hats, snares split across kicks and varieties of inflections and melancholic harmonies. Domineering rhymes on Super Slimey could fill a Rap Swagger Encyclopedia, and that is exactly what we expect of the two.

While both have ventured down new paths on their ways to sonic exploration, Future is to blame for the monotony of Super Slimey. Not until this year has Future tried something new; he has always been a savage creature of habit. Jeffrey, on the other hand, has been experimental since he arrived on the scene with Barter 6 and has continued his eccentricity with Slime Season 3, Jeffrey and BTG – just look at songs like “Drippin’,” “Constantly Hating,” “Kanye West” and “Family Don’t Matter.”

This perplexing hypothesis can be proven on Super Slimey by simply listening to the solo tacks. Thug’s “Cruise Ship” and “Killed Before” provide idiosyncratic production that gives him ample space to release his uncontrollable raps, spewing something like “My Bentayga clean like bleach, on a yacht with blue water and blue cheese” and “Forreal, la familia, I go gorilla, I’m part of the Bape team.” Future’s “Feed Me Dope” and “4 Da Gang” sound exactly like (approximately) the last 300 minutes of music he has released – excluding HNDRXX, What a Time to Be Alive, his masterpieces (Monster, DS2 and “March Madness”) and all of the mixtapes he released before he requested Indiana rapper FYÜTCH to change his name (which was previously stylized as Future)… Damn that’s a lot of music, and a lot with the Future we love and we know.

All of this is not to bash on Future or hate on the mixtape. Future following habituous nature isn’t bad: it’s just him. This mixtape has some wonderful elements to it, including this Future. “Three” is a focal point that italicizes both Future and Thug’s skills across an expensive and husky Southside beat. The Offset-assisted “Patek Water” and Mike WiLL Made-It-produced “Mink Flow” are grueling trap jams. There isn’t anything on this project that isn’t perlocutionary: that’s just the normal nature of these studs. Unfortunately, it would just do music, in general, injustice if one were to claim it as anything more or less than a “normal” trap project.

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