By Daniel Winogradoff, Albums Editor


SCORE: 8.1

Jason Mills, better known as Jay IDK – wait, it’s actually just IDK – has been ignorantly delivering knowledge to his listeners for quite some time now (oh, so that’s what “IDK” stands for). The Prince George’s County (PGC), Maryland prodigy has been heralded by some as the Washington/Maryland/Virginia area’s next great lyricist.

After three standout mixtapes, IDK has finally reached the foreground of hip-hop, releasing his debut album, IWASVERYBAD. IWASVERYBAD is a grainy recall of IDK’s life in PGC. Using quirky, almost juvenile analogies at times, IDK emotionally uppercuts listeners with his most stable and honest work to date.

IWASVERYBAD unravels slowly like an interrogation. IDK doesn’t fail to leave a single detail out, describing his dysfunctional relationship with authority, flailing interactions with his mother and even a robbery of a pizza shop.

Broken glass flows reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar, canonized beats and smithy rhymes patents this project. IDK shows versatility all throughout IWASVERYBAD, switching from aggressive bars like those on “Maryland Ass N***a (with Swizz Beatz),” “Pizza Shop Extended (with Yung Gleesh, MF DOOM, & Del the Funky Homosapien)” and “Baby Scale” to lovely poetic croons like “Black Sheep, White Dove” and “No Shoes On the Rug, Leave Them At the Door.”

Production-wise, tinges of Kanye, Pharrell and Gucci Mane accompany original vibes. On trap-club banger “17 Wit A 38,” IDK and Chief Keef tag-team for a bruising performance. Over a robotic-possessed melody, IDK raps, “Truth is, I didn’t do shit, but I rob white folk, lure they ass to a place I know, take they money, take they phone, there it goes.”

IDK is here to stay, whether you are interested in him or not. His unforgiving background is one that he wants to forget, but IWASVERYBAD was the outlet to let him release these horrible memories. Now, with the bad times free from his mind, IDK will be able to focus on the future, one that holds a wealth of promise.

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