By Deeba Abrishamchi, Staff Writer


SCORE: 6.8

R&B luminary PARTYNEXTDOOR surprised the public with a seven-song project after teasing on social media. Known for his smooth vocals and sensual sound, the OVO prodigy takes musical risks and tests new waters on Seven Days. Do not overlook the title, though, as it’s not arbitrary: PND wrote and recorded the entire project over the course of seven days.

PARTYNEXTDOOR has co-written songs such as Rihanna’s mega-hit “Work” and the consequential “Wild Thoughts.” but when it comes to his recent solo work, PARTYNEXTDOOR finds it more challenging to reach new heights, as he admitted in an interview last year. Seven Days isn’t quite a cohesive body of work. With repetitive beats and lyricism, there is room for improvement. However, we must take into account, once again, that this project was concocted in seven days, which makes the project more impressive.

PARTYNEXTDOOR starts off with “Bad Intentions,” a song that projects a familiar PND sound and is reminiscent of a late-night drive tune. It certainly isn’t a standout track, but we already see Party getting personal, which lays the groundwork for the rest of the album.

The transition between “Bad Intentions” and the next song is abrupt and catches those who are accustomed to his suave sounds off-guard. The next track, “Never Played Me” contains a Travis Scott-esque beat, an uncharacteristic R&B move. The juxtaposition between the mellow vibe on “Bad Intentions” and the next track’s upbeat tempo is an attention-catcher (not necessarily in the best way). Nevertheless, “Never Played Me” is a party (pun intended) anthem, although appearing out of PND’s element. Another interesting move was PARTYNEXTDOOR’s collaboration with Halsey on “Damage,” a catchy, poppy radio-favorite. Unfortunately, the chances of the track being overplayed are high and might take away from his street cred for the anti-pop fans.

This project displays Party’s vulnerability at times, namely in the track “Better Man.” Assisted by Rick Ross, this track is the best song on the project. Although Party is more introverted when it comes to the public eye, he lets his walls down in the studio with this track. On the acoustic “The Right Way, ” PND and a lone guitar further contribute to the theme of vulnerability we see throughout the album, as he, once again, steps outside the box.

Critics of PND have complained that his previous projects often sound like one long song, with most tracks blending into each other. Perhaps the lack of cohesiveness on Seven Days is deliberate and intentional, with each track intended to stand on its own and demonstrate PND’s ability to “genre-bend” and adapt. Hopefully, this project brought PARTYNEXTDOOR closer to firmly establishing his sound. If this is what PND could accomplish in merely seven days, one would be extremely excited to see what he can come up with for his upcoming LP, Club Atlantis.

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