Blue Chips 7000, Action Bronson

By Logan Rude, Concerts Editor


SCORE: 7.7

Arguably the most charismatic figure in hip-hop, Action Bronson’s latest project, Blue Chips 7000, shows why he’s the go-to man for all things food-related. Drawing from his television shows and new cookbook, Bronson’s second major-label album is filled with all of the strongest attributes from his past projects and more food references than one could possibly imagine.

The Queens native comes through on this album with a sense of confidence that’s unrivaled; the beats on Blue Chips 7000 seem to be a direct soundtrack to Bronson’s everyday life. With skits scattered throughout, the record maintains the grit and ruthlessness of the previous Blue Chips installments while also feeling polished like his major-label debut, Mr. Wonderful.

While all songs play an instrumental role in the overall flow of this record, the clear standouts (and most quotable) are “Hot Pepper” and “TANK.” Production from Bronson’s classic collaborators KNXWLEDGE, Harry Fraud and The Alchemist help make the holistic result as smooth as butter.

Almost devoid of features, the record lets Bronson shine on a new level. His bars, delivered with his unbelievable sense of swagger, make any line sound like the most clever rhyme imaginable. On “Bonzai” he raps, “Daddy back with his long white Cadillac/ Now it’s time to take a nappy nap/ I’m so chill it’s like I’m in a circle playing hacky-sack/ Embroidered dragon on the satin jacket, bastard.”

While Bronson’s rhymes perfectly represent his unique sense of humor, the album’s strongest attribute is its entertainment value. Stacked with Bronson’s crude jokes, as well as a few sobering moments with the rapper lamenting that he’d give a lung to dunk a basketball one time, his sophomore album is fun from all angles.

Some of these angles are a bit jaded, of course: This album is not without its faults. The most notable is when Bronson takes a stab at singing on some of the tracks. Though endearing at first, many of his attempts fall flat upon further listens.

As the culmination of the past two years of his life, Blue Chips 7000 perfectly embodies everything that Bronson stands for. He seems to be living the life he’s always imagined for himself. Clocking in at a concise 38 minutes, Blue Chips 7000 is an effortless listen — the perfect length to cook up one of the recipes from Bronson’s new cookbook.

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